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hospital. stanford police are searching for a man who assaulted a female student. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. hope your saturday is off to a good start. here is meteorologist lisa argen >> we'll have to wait until five days for this forecast to change. we have drier, warmer air building in. this is the roof camera and few high clouds around. we're looking at numbers coming up, but it will be comfortable. we're talking mid 60s at our coast. that is ocean beach and pacifica. 72 in oakland. then mid-70s for inland east bay. tonight it will be mild. we're not looking much in the way of low clouds and fog. we're talking about 80 degrees by the end of the weekend in inland east bay. then records or the horizon for monday, election day, maybe a little rain at the seven-day outlook. >> terry: this morning, police
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are investigating a drive-by shooting that wounded four people. those victims were taken to stanford hospital where abc7 reporter is more on that. >> reporter: four victims remain in the hospital this morning as you mentioned. one man in critical condition, one in serious condition and two are reportedly in good condition. we have video from the scene just after 8:00 last night near ivy drive. video from the scene of the drive-by shows the aftermath, shell casings and residential street blocked off after four men were hit by bullets. the commander tells "abc 7 news" there is no known motive for the shooting. >> we do have shootings here and we do have gang activity and gang activity but we don't know if it is connected. >> the victims were having a get together in front of the house when the shooting occurred. >> reporter: police have not
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released a description of the shooters but they are looking for a black honda and black acura seen driving away from the shooting. anyone with information is urged to call menlo park police department. >> terry: san francisco police are investigating the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old man in the bayview district about 10:00 last night. man had been shot several is times and died near third street. despite life saving efforts by police and paramedics. anyone with information or motive, call the san francisco police tip line or send a text tip 411. >> president obama is gathering top aides this morning for a briefing on hurricane sandy's recovery efforts. he'll hold a conference call for state and local leaders and visit communities throughout the region to get a review of the response and to make sure resources are being provided. the bodies of 102 people have
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been found so far. many by national guard troops on staten island. gas rationing begins today in the face of fuel shortages. people license plate in odd numbers fill up on odd days. janet napolitano signed a waiver to deliver gas to northeast ports. the new york governor have announced the first of 8 million gallons of gas has been delivered to his state with another 28 million gallons on the way. northern california is sending teams to help them recover from the storm. a second pg&e team to help restore power and coastguard teams from novato and alameda have been sent to that region. under pressure to meet the immediate needs of his city, the
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mayor reversed himself and cancelled tomorrow's new york marathon. sergio quintana talked with bay area runners that were among 47,000 others in place for the world's largest marathon. >> this would have been the ninth marathon she participated in but she cancelled her plans after seeing the devastation is still dealing with. >> i didn't think it was right to pull resources to help runners when there is no power or today or heat. >> she along with half a dozen runners had trained for months to run the new york marathon. some did make the trip. chris king flew in and checked in for the race. >> we picked up a race number. >> donald made the trip. he spoke to us by skype. >> i it was extremely conflicted about running this race. as long as it was on, i thought
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it was safe. >> the mayor said the race was still on but criticism continued to mount especially over all the resources it was pulling including food and generators that could have been used in other parts of the city. mayor suddenly cancelled the race. >> the leadership of the city and mayor i think it was a gigantic mistake to keep this going as long as they did. >> but with much in new york still in tatters they believe it was the right decision and while in town they hope to volunteer their time. >> i hope to pitch in staten island. >> both san francisco runners who are in new york said there are a number of websites listing volunteer opportunities across the city. one of them suggested that marathon runners may be the perfect volunteers to deliver
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supplies to people in buildings with elevators still not working. >> you can help victims of hurricane sandy by donating to the red cross while you shop at any more than 60 bay area farmers markets. they are setting up donation boxes for cash or checks. there is 14 in alameda county, eight in san mateo county, a dozen more in santa clara county. those boxes will be located at booths now through november 18th. >> disney and abc are making monday a day of giving for victims of sandy. disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation to american red cross. you can text abc to 90999. that gives $10 to relief effort. you can donate to the red cross by calling them or go on line. a warning on the stanford
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campus this morning, someone is attacking women, someone with a female accomplice. latest incident happened on campus drive. ama daetz has the story. >> reporter: stanford police are on alert and they want students to be, as well. this after a female student was assaulted on campus. it happened on tuesday night around 10:30 as the woman ran along campus drive. the jogger says she was grabbed by an unknown man. she was able to get free and get help from a motorist. grad student jogging the same path. she received the e-mail about the assault but admits she really didn't think about it before starting her job. >> that stuff does happen. that is the reality of being a woman out at night. i still go running and just try to be really aware of my surroundings and run only where it's pretty well lit and try to
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stay faithful. >> police don't have much to go on in the recent attack. the man was wearing a dark clothing with a hoodie over his head. he was with a woman, a blonde who was walking a bike. >> terry: stanford police are urging to people to call police if they have any information. >> a man is in county jail after being charged with swinging and kicking a puppy on the golden gate bridge. this is a picture of him after an arrest in arizona on attempted robbery. he is charged with felony cruelty to an animal and could face prison time and a fine. the puppy is in the humane shelter. >> at san francisco bay, a barge filled with rocks broke loose and coastguard was concerned it would crash in the richmond-san rafael bridge.
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two tugboats managed to intercept it and took it back to it's mooring. >> san francisco police have arrested 20-year-old man for beating a muni agent. the incident was caught on southwest video. the tipster led to him on the campus of san francisco city college. the victim suffered serious injuries. >> belmont police want to speak to the driver of a mercedes that hit a woman in a wheelchair thursday night while turning into a mcdonald's. his motorized wheelchair was damaged and she was slightly injured in the accident. the motorist said she would be back after parking car and the driver did not return and belmont police are investigating. >> we are hoping it was an honest mistake on part of the driver because we're going to continue to investigate this. right now it's a hit-and-run involving injury. >> anyone who may have witnessed the accident. it happened about 8:45 thursday
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night you are asked to contact belmont police. >> coming up next, paying a stranger for a moment of intimacy. >> i needed something hands on. >> why people turn to professional sex surrogates. how it works and the risks involved. >> also, it is pay day at facebook headquarters for some who is ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins.
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a little known form of therapy is getting attention in a film called sessions. carolyn johnson has the details. >> carrie is a single professional who has says he gone through a profound change. she gives the credit to a professional sex surrogate. >> i got my life back but i got a pleif. >> her fear of physical intimacy stems from episode of sexual abuse as a child. she underwent traditional
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therapy that helped up to a point. >> i just knew that i needed something hands on. >> she was very v scared, of human connection. >> she he became her surrogate partner. it's left by a range of emotions and psychological issues. >> can you teach someone to swim by talking therapy or ride a bike? just by telling them a story how to ride a bike? the answer is no. >> it's been around for decades and supporters point to the use of surrogate partners by clinical researchers masters and johnson but interest in the practice has increased dramatically following the release of a feature length film. >> it details the relationship between two people. >> the aim for us is to have sex and i'm not a prostituted.
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>> i hope the movie does do this. >> we found a dozen therapies that recommend sexual surrogates as part of the treatment plan. but others believe the pla, while percentagely beneficial, is also fraught with ethical challenges such as the danger of emotional attach zbly it's hard enough as a therapist to contain the container a special relationship with clear boundaries but what the limits of that are. >> it takes a special person to be a surrogate partner, ethical and compassionate. >> they worked together for about two weeks. she says much of the time was talking and building trust exercises like holding hands. >> i leapt off the cliff and i'm going to do everything i want to do to know that i am a fully
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functioning woman. >> she wants to help other people in the same position. >> to receive the love and compassion. it's a great way to live. >> she checked with the california board of psychology and they told her to investigate practices only if there is a complaint and to date, they have no investigations on record related to surrogate partners. anger over san francisco sheriff keeping his job is spilling over to an election campaign. his neighbor is the one who videotaped his wife with a bruised arm after a domestic dispute. now in a video released yesterday. madison is targeting the supervisor christina oligee that voted to keep him in office. >> i live in district five. next-door is a convicted batterer and he can still run a major law enforcement agency.
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>> she issued a statement, politicizing this issue is silencing survivors that dangerous and insensitive why they attack me when this is not about me. >> in business news the facebook stocks are finally paying off. shareholder sandberg made $7.4 million by selling 353,000 shares of facebook. the restrictions expired this week meaning 230 million shares are eligible to trade. the company went public in may, $38 a share, now trading around 21. ceo mark zuckerberg has not sold any of his shares. >> new this morning, sports fisherman men know the significance of first saturday in november. the crab season is under way. it started at midnight. it brings out lots of fishermen that get a 12-jump on crabbers.
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competition is fears. majority being caught within the first six weeks of the season. crab fishing occurs in bodega bay and half moon bay and monterey bay. they are limited to six to ten crabs per catch and there should be some delicious dumping necessary cracks. >> we. >> there is something in your forecast for truly everybody? >> i suppose. but some people are getting tired of the warmth. >> terry: you got something later on. >> lisa: just a little something. here is a look at our sutro camera. making a beautiful start for the day. more sunshine and warmth and record and rain at the independent of the seven-day outlook. >> terry: also next the warriors home opener turns into two losses, the game what was one
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and brandon rush
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let the making begin >> terry: looking out on emeryville the bay. san francisco, bay bridge, you see a lot there. you see some clouds getting into the act. i didn't notice those this morning but 3:15 there are lot of things i don't notice. and this is getting in the way -- this is not going affect the weather right away? >> i notice the clouds at 3:15 this morning. >> there might have been somewhere you live. >> we did have cloudy skies. >> it was perfectly. >> it was the moon anyway. >> lisa: okay. good morning. we are looking at beautiful afternoon. you see the clouds and sun was up 7:38. i'm noting that because tomorrow
8:21 am
it's up 6:39 and extra hour of sleep. sets at 5:07 and we will look at not only more sunshine but to today and tomorrow, monday and tuesday, temperatures coming up each and every day right through election day. live doppler 7-hd this morning with plenty of cloud cover around earlier. it's beginning to thin on out. we'll look a little rain being picked from up the radar on top of mount st. helena but that is not until thursday. 56 and mild in oakland, 54 in san francisco. couple 40s hanging on. livermore and san jose, 46. monterey bay, 47 and 50 in santa cruz. we will be looking at higher clouds from time to time especially in the first part of the day. then by the afternoon as high pressure builds in that is bringing the warming trend and
8:22 am
numbers coming up a little today and a little more tomorrow. we're talking 80s. it will warm around here by monday. that should be the hottest day of the week but retaining that heat for election day. we're talking about down around san benito county, southern monterey, in the upper 80s. you see the clouds around here. we are looking at the storm track to stay to the north. as this cold front falls apart. we are look at light sea breeze today. a potential wind shift. that has allowed the natural weather service in southern california to issue a fire weather watch. nothing back here at home. but forecasting record warmth come monday and tuesday. today in southern california, low 70s for san diego. back home, 70s in chico. its statewide events with very mild numbers. 71 for you in sunnyvale and 7373
8:23 am
in saratoga. high clouds thinning out. 68 in downtown and 64 in the sunset district and beaches of the north bay, low to mid 60s. near east bay, 70 in berkeley, 74 in castro valley. as you head inland. low 70s in danville. 74 in antioch and pleasanton, coming in at 73. 76 in hollister. accu-weather seven-day forecast, that warming continues tomorrow, remember to fall back tonight. mid 80s monday. election day that is good for folks to get out and vote. cooler on wednesday and weak system, thursday maybe into friday. nothing too exciting but still pretty dry around here. >> terry: i like it hot. stand for place boulder at 11:00 and san jose state is at idaho.
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warriors played against the grizzlies and here is larry beil >> good morning. a potentially devastating loss to the warriors in their home opener last night. brandon rush with a knee injury that appears to be serious. warriors hosting memphis. they are sparing no expense, full orchestra and bridge entry, bridge to san francisco maybe. grizzlies, rudy gay throwing down the first dunk. here is rush going up for the dunk, hammered by zach randolph and he was in agony. he'll have an mri today and curry making up for his poor shooting pear perform answer on wednesday. warriors up at the break but memphis took over in the third quarter. nice bounce pass.
8:25 am
fourth quarter, mark gasol with two of his 21. grizzlies over the warriors 104-49. >> dwight howard and lakers taking the clippers on. third quarter. jordan here, tip slam. throwing it down with authority. clippers up 69-63. fourth quarter. odom the ex-laker from way downtown, bang. late fourth, clippers on the break here, with a save and jamal crawford and clips win, lakers are now 0-3 despite 40 from kobe. cal football team played their first friday night game in berkeley. allen is out with a knee injury. this was a sloppy turnover game. a gold out at mom stadium.
8:26 am
not a golden performance by either team. cal driving the first quarter. this leads to a bishop td run. washington up 7-0. to the second quarter and cal, this is good call. row verse to chris harper who has speed on the corner corner and dives into the end zone. cal defense, big play. nick forbes deflecting the keith price pass and intercepts. we stay tied. third and goal from the 29. price scrambles and lobs it up. here is touchdown. huskies on top 14-13. maynard ends up hobbling with a knee injury and bears lose 21-13
8:27 am
at 3-7 they are guaranteed to have a losing season. >> more on the cal situation and stanford and colorado highlights coming up on "lexus after the game" at 8:30. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. coming up, not only did they move her out, they took out a mortgage on the house and wouldn't let her back in. a surprising turn of events. dan noyes uncovered in an i-team investigation. >> most california voters no proposition 30 as tax measure to help fund public schools
8:28 am
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it found both kuandz in the battleground state of ohio. kid rock entertained the largest crowd to attend the mitt romney rally. both candidates wrapped up their speeches in remarkably different
8:30 am
styles. >> i know you love this country. we can't lose on tuesday. we're going to win! i need your help. god bless you. >> to make sure that no matter who you are or what you look like, where you come from, what your last name is, no matter what, you can make it in america. >> the jobs report shows of an increase of about 170,000 jobs in october but the unemployment rate went up to 7.9%. >> one of the most talked about issues on the ballot on tuesday proposition 30. it's a tax measure that governor brown is pushing that will help california schools. nannette miranda has both sides. >> reporter: all the talk about proposition 30, governor brown's tax measure centers around public school funding bus these local representatives are worried about the other part of prop 30, a constitutional
8:31 am
amendment that guarantees state funding for realignment. prison inmate shift where counties must house thousands of low level inmates that used to go to state prison. if it fails tuesday, counties are asking how are they able to afford this expense. >> if the money goes away it's going to have a dramatic impact on the way we do business. >> lawmakers have a history of taking money from one program to pay for another. constitutional protection means politicians cannot touch the money at all unless it goes back to the voters. >> the next two budget years already show counties will get more than six billion dollars in each of those years to take on the new inmates. >> the funding streams will still continue if proposition 30 is not approved. >> f it's after that that worries county officials. >> legislators may change, governors may change. right now we're pretty much at the whim so to speak of the legislative process.
8:32 am
>> we're going to see major reduction in deputies, police officers on the street. which again then would dramatically impact public safety. >> poll numbers show that prop 30 remains a tight race. >> terry: stay with "abc 7 news" for complete election results on tuesday. get realtime results on the moment the polls close. we'll have live updates all night long on facebook and through twitter. >> today president obama gathers top aides to meet with state and local officials from states impacted by hurricane sandy. today he and his cabinet members will hold conference calls with the governors of new jersey and connecticut to make sure that fema is doing everything possible with the recovery. he wants to avoid the problems
8:33 am
in hurricane katrina disaster. >> ordered that resources are available as soon as they needed them. not let the red tape get in the way of solving problems especially when it came to local utilities could restore power as quickly as possible. >> following today's meetings, they will fan out and visit storm damaged communities throughout the region. to make sure that necessary resources are being provided. mitt romney gave the republican address with his own comments. >> our thoughts and prayers are with those on the east coast. americans come together in times of crisis. our first impulse is to come to the aid of those in need. this time it will be no different and help our fellow americans recover from this tragic storm. >> terry: he went on to talk about the decision americans face in choosing the next president making a campaign statement that calls for a change at the top.
8:34 am
>> san francisco is breaking ground to the tod on new library. they are going to be there at 11:00. ceremony is taking place at columbus and lombard. they will celebrate from performance beach blanket babylon. construction of the new branch is funded by $106 million voter approved bond measure. >> terry: new this morning, san mateo city council on monday will consider three options for regulating noisy leaf blowers, there is a ban on blowers to a ban on the noisy ones and heighten the existing ordinance. right now they are ban order sundays and health. >> coming up the underwhelming response to apple's ipad mini a
8:35 am
popular product. find out what happens when you drop one. let's take a live look outside from rooftop down at the studios. near the embarcadero where you can see treasure island and bay bridge. you can see clouds but sunshine and maybe record heat on the way. lisa has the details comin
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[ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down.
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pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> terry: 8:37 on this saturday morning, live picture of san jose, hp pavilion that a lot of people like to refer to as the tank but the shark season is not happening. all i can tell you a lot of people down in the south bay and bay area are dying for professional hockey games. they would like to see it asap but nothing on the horizon on that story. >> hundreds of people lined up at apple stores to get their hands on the new ipad mini. what happens if it slips out of
8:38 am
your hands? jonathan bloom has the insights. >> reporter: even before dawn, hundred people waited for a chance to wrap their fingers around this. >> that is my new baby. >> she was here to buy a phone charger but she accidentally fell in love. >> i love it. i've been waiting for it. especially for women, it's nice to fit in the purse. >> if you don't carry one of those bags. >> it's a little too big. >> it fits great in a backpack. >> you think your parents are going to get are an ipad mini? >> probably not. >> i got four. i have four children. >> four ipad minis? wow! [ laughter ] >> everybody in line. >> and nearly 10 percent of the owners that history shows will
8:39 am
block and break the new tablet unless the ipad mini is tougher. one company to find that out. >> three, two, one. >> square trade made this youtube video in a death match against google's 7 and apple's full size. mini was the only one that survived being dropped on its corner. >> none of the tab let's survived with a fall face down. >> you don't tend to drop something flat down. you are walking down the street and corner is the first part. >> they say small tablets carry another risk. >> they fall in the toilet. >> here ipad mini that kept working perfectly. they say ipad is much safer inside the fancy purse.
8:40 am
lisa argen is joining us now. somebody just tweeted a short time ago how my tie matches the gold on the bay bridge. we're going to have sunshine so they can match? >> we're working on that. in fact, it's pretty nice. a little cool. coming up we're talking about sunny, warmer conditions today, tomorrow, monday and records ahead, maybe a little rain. we'll be back. >> also ahead, a story of a pilot turned hero. denzel washington put on a good performance?
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>> terry: coming up at 8:43, live picture looking out from
8:43 am
emeryville camera. we are looking across the bay. you can see in the distance some kind of mist, it's not going to last. we got a sunny day on the way and nice warm day tomorrow, even warmer tomorrow. lisa will explain that and moisture coming our way. moraga school district issued a statement it didn't mean to cause further distress to a sexually abused student. that a student that was 14 years old at the time may be partially responsible for the abuse. yesterday the district superintendent that they are suing the dribbling for millions and the district has an obligation not to waive any potential legal lines of defense. potential defense may be abandoned as the case moves forward. >> its simple regulation, you get a reverse mortgage and you must live in the home. how come one bay area county moved a woman out more than two
8:44 am
years ago and then took a reverse mortgage on her home? here is the latest on the investigation. >> i love that house. she loved being home. it gave her memories of her husband. >> she says her aunt, 92-year-old woman would never want to move out of her house. she and her husband planned to live her last days there. >> my aunt would tell me that. your uncle said if anything should happen to him, live in this house, stay in this house. >> that is promise lilly has not been able to keep. santa clara county took her aunt from her home and moved her to an assisted living facility. >> it started as a family quarrel and adult protection service came in. >> some members of the family didn't like that she and her father were living with lilly after her husband died. probate court investigated and
8:45 am
determined that puma and her father were taking advantage of her by living in her home rent free, using her money and neglecting medical needs. they are also accused of harassing the public guardian. puma and her father deny the accusation but the two still got evicted from the house and scalia was conserved by the county. >> our aim is to protect them they may have been experiencing. >> the director of aging an adult services says the public guardian's says they are conservator for 800 people. >> we want to ensure they have a comfortable lifestyle to the degree they are able and that we can make the decisions for them they are not able to make for themselves. >> reporter: one questionable decision they made was taking out a reverse mortgage on her home to pay for her care. >> is it proper to take out a
8:46 am
reverse mortgage for the county to do that? >> when the person is not living in the home? >> my understanding of requirement is you need to live in the home. >> the u.s. department of housing and urban development says a person getting a reverse mortgage must live in the home. if the gone for 12 consecutive months the loan becomes due. she has been out of the house for two years now. >> i wouldn't want to violate any regulations. >> it appears the county is in violation. they got the reverse mortgage in 2010 moved her out of the house in october of that year and hasn't been home since. when we first visited the home in september, tags over the doorjambs indicated no one had been inside for a while. hud is reviewing the case. >> she said i wanted to go from day one. >> the court appointed attorney says he objected to the reverse
8:47 am
mortgage and doesn't believe the brother took advantage of her. even more for a year ago, a probate judge ordered that talks begin to move her back to the home. the county didn't act. >> the county doesn't listen. the judge can't micromanage these people. the judge leaves it to the professionals. >> they could be held in contempt. >> a spokesman points out someone would have to tell the judge an order isn't being followed before the court would act. no one has said the order has been ignored. >> i think that is fantastic. >> after we started asking questions, the public guardian's office has decided to move lilly back into her home. sources say she should be back by thanksgiving. puma says she has heard it before. >> i am very skeptical.
8:48 am
when i see it, then i will believe it. >> he says he'll keep following the story and says if they keep their word and moves her back home. if there is a problem with reverse mortgage the loan could come due. the county is accused of isolating clients they are supposed to serve. tomorrow morning we'll hear from a woman who says she feels like she is in prison. joining us now, lisa argen we've got some great stuff on the way. you mentioned and make a good point, why sunshine is good thing. some people like rain but until we nearly need it we should enjoy we got. that is my new statement. >> and we have a light offshore flow, making for mild temperatures around. take a look at ocean beach, nice and sunny with light winds, great surfing conditions.
8:49 am
that is kind of nice thing for early november. here is sutro and see how pretty it is out there. with the sun up later this morning, beautiful day. up sooner tomorrow because we set the clocks back to standard time tonight. live doppler 7 hd showing some higher level cloud cover. this is not all being picked up in your neighborhood. still mount st. helena picking up any moivt. none here in the next several days, we're talking about temperatures well above average, 15-20 degrees above average. that is by monday. still very pleasant over the weekend with numbers above seasonal readings. 52 in fremont. oakland, 56 for you. 40s in los gatos and san jose. even at our sunny coast we are in the cool mid 40s. 47 in monterey. 49 in salinas.
8:50 am
high clouds this morning. warming trend getting underway today. taking us through tomorrow. records arrive perhaps on monday into tuesday. a departing weak weather system to the north and east of us. as high pressure builds in, it affects all the incoming systems and allows for our flow to be more of a light offshore component. that is going to allow for these record temperatures. we're talking 70s at the beaches on monday and tuesday. perhaps you will like the weekend with low to mid-70s throughout much of northern and central california. upper 70s in los angeles but southern california looking at a fire weather watch from sunday into monday. its statewide event. 72 in oakland today. 2-3 degree warmup. 69 in san mateo. 72 in san jose. with 69 in salinas.
8:51 am
70 in hollister. tomorrow, tampa bay is in town against oakland. temperatures is very comfortable in the 70s. a day further for election day where temperatures on that day will feel nothing like november with mid-70s by noontime. low 80s by 4:00 in the afternoon. a very comfortable for the evenings hours and the next several days after that. we'll see some cooler conditions and big time cooling with numbers below average by thursday. chance of light rain showers and perhaps continuing into friday but doesn't look like a big system at all. mainly sunny and dry and above average. we need the rain. we are looking for it. >> terry: you were talking about setting the clock back. if you have the alarm clock app on your iphone, you don't have to worry about the time change tomorrow morning. it will update automatically.
8:52 am
download or free alarm clock app at >> deal between george lucas and disney might be marin county. the chairman of disney made a $4 billion sale of lucas films. they say that the deal will most likely increase film making at lucas facilities in marin and digital work. that is one side. others say disney might want to move lucas films down south to burbank. in theaters, denzel washington stars in flight after a pilot crash landing a plane. this is flawed character. don sanchez tells us there are tension filled moments. >> reporter: if you are kind that has anxiety about flying, this may leave with you sweaty
8:53 am
palms. >> we're going roll it. >> in trouble, the captain flies upside-down. i asked about it and back to the future about this sequence. >> that was very time-consuming and very intense. we built a set that we could turn people upside-down in. >> washington lands the plane and becomes a hero but we know better. when he was flying he was as high as an airplane, fueled by alcohol and cocaine. >> you had alcohol in your system. >> the story takes a different direction, he is trying to change his life and giving in to temptation. this is like a war zone, with liquor bottles as the enemy. >> are they concerned about the perception of pilots? >> they represent all pilots, it's just one pilot and fictional story. >> it is a film that leaves you
8:54 am
thinking. >> if you have a fear of flying, opening sequence may want you to dump your frequent flyer miles. but this is about another tragedy. the disaster life of one man. washington gives an award performance but i will have to give flight almost a full bucket >> terry: coming up next, a man who is refusing to let his disability get in the way. his goal to make medical h
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> terry: here are the winning numbers from last night's drawing. mega is 24. somebody got them all. somebody back in new york, that is where the ticket was purchased. tuesday night's jackpot at $12
8:57 am
million. >> a chicago man is about to hush push himself to heights. take a look at this. this is zach vauter. he is truly a bionic man. he lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident and has a prosthetic. he controls the movement with his thoughts and he is determined to climb the willit's tower tomorrow. your thoughts can control a lot of limb and that is what we're seeing happening now. >> it's nice and sunny right now. temperatures above seasonal averages. we are talking 2-3 degrees so it is should be pleasant 47 in fremont. 72 in san jose. so numbers in very narrow range. san francisco, 68, that is
8:58 am
pretty mild. 69 santa cruz and those clouds will thin out down around monterey coast. 70 in gilroy. even warmer tomorrow. you set your clocks back tonight record heat for monday and tuesday. >> thanks a lot. thank you for joining us for joining us. we will continue at 4:00. college football today. oklahoma and
8:59 am

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